Macanese Almôndegas


These miniature pork patties are so easy to make and are so delicious. I used to have these as an afternoon snack after coming home from school and they are so comforting and absolutely moorish. Nowadays, I serve these as canapé when friends come over for tea. Like many other Macanese dishes the recipe for this dish also varies from family to family, some add chopped green olives. Usually these patties are not dipped in flour. Thyme leaves and chilli powder are not used in this dish as well. I personally prefer a bit of chilli powder and thyme leaves to enhance the flavour, but feel free to omit these if you would like to try the simpler version.

Deep frying pan and a colander

Ingredients Makes 25 pcs:
1.  250g minced pork
2.  65g grated mature cheddar cheese
3.  1 egg lightly beaten
4.  1 sprig of thyme leaves only
5.  45g of breadcrumbs
6.  45g of flour
7.  600ml oil (for a 10inch size pan that’s 3 inches deep)
8.  Pinch of salt
9.  Pinch of ground white pepper
10. Pinch of chilli powder

The Patties:
1.  Mix pork, some thyme leaves and grated cheese; season with a pinch of  salt, pepper and chilli powder. Knead until mixture is smooth.
2.  Make small round balls out of the mixture, approx 1 inch in size. Flatten each ball.
3.  Dip each ball on a flour, then beaten egg and finally dip into the breadcrumbs, coating all over evenly.
4.  Heat oil on a deep pan (the oil needs to be very hot).  You can either deep fry or shallow fry your almôndegas in batches for approx.3 minutes on each size. Once cooked and golden brown, drain the cooked almôndegas on a colander sitting on a bowl or kitchen towel to drain excess oil.


Serve warm with an ice cold Macau style milk tea.

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