Crema catalan alla Alicia Marcos Ng


I got this recipe from my lovely friend Alicia. Who I must say is a brilliant Thermomix Sales woman!  She doesn’t work for Thermomix but you would assume she does if you meet her.  Before visiting Alicia in her wonderful mansion near Alicante, I had never heard of Thermomix. Dare I say that after 24 hours with her I have to admit that she is right. Thermomix is definitely the gadget to have if you are a keen cook or a professional chef.  As Alicia would say, it does all the cooking for you! and it is so easy to clean too! Hard to believe, I know but I have seen her clean the thing in seconds. My dear friend Alicia is probably the sweetest and most generous person I know. She is so keen for me to learn more about Thermomix and try her delicious experiments, that she quickly knocked up a coconut ice cream and papaya dessert using Thermomix; made a vegetable puree for her adorable cute son Kai; and finally she made Crema Catalan all with her must have Thermomix!

The Crema Catalan she made is a perfect dessert to have after a heavy meal. Her recipe is surprisingly light and the sweetness of the cream is just right. The caramalised sugar on top just adds another layer of sugarary yumminess. The velvety cream and crisp crystalise sugar just makes it so fabulously yummy!

If having Thermomix means having Alicia’s super delicious Crema Catalan on a daily basis, then I guess I really need to start saving up for a Thermomix for Christmas!  Here’s her fantastic Crema Catalan recipe:


Kitchen Kit:
6 ramekins, a blow torch and a Thermomix!

Ingredients (Makes 6 ramekins):
250g eggs
70g  sugar
2 vanilla pods
400ml cream
5-10 g sugar

The Crema catalan:
1. Scrape out the vanilla seeds. Place all the ingredients into your Thermomix metal bowl (except for the 5-10g of sugar).


2. Set your Thermomix to mix all the ingredients at speed number 3 for 1 minute, then at speed number 3 – 90C for 15 minutes and finally at speed number 10 just for 10 seconds.
3. Pour the cream mixture into your ramekins. Place in the fridge for at least 1 hour and let it set.


4. Once set, remove the fridge, sprinkle over some sugar and caramelise the sugar using a super fun blow torch and you’re done!

Buen Provecho!




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