Cantonese Braised Beef Brisket (Ngau Lam, 牛腩飯)

Large frying pan/wok, a large casserole pan with a lid and a slow cooker (if you do not have a slow cooker you can just use a large sauce pan).

1.  4 tbsp. ground nut oil
2.  500g beef brisket, chopped into chunks approx. 1nch thick
3.  150g beef tendons, chopped into chunks approx. 1nch thick
4.  40g ginger, peeled and slice
5.  3 cloves of garlic, grated or crushed
6.  1 ½ litre of water
7.  ½ cup shaoxing rice wine or dry sherry
8.  2 ½ tbsp. Chu Hou Sauce
9.  1 star anise
10. 1 cinnamon bark equivalent of approx. 4 inches long/ 2 inch thick.
11. ½ tbsp. brown sugar
12. 2 large daikon radishes, peeled and chopped into chunks approx. ½ inch thick
13. 3 large carrots, peeled and chopped into chunks approx. ½ inch thick
14. 5 tbsp. light soy sauce
15. 2 tbsp. dark soy sauce
16. Pinch of salt
17. Pinch of ground white pepper

The Beef Brisket and Tendons:
1.  On a large frying pan over a high heat, add 2 tbsp. of oil, when the oil is very hot, add and fry the beef brisket chunks and tendons for 3-4 minutes until brown on all sides. Then set aside.
2.  Reheat the same pan/wok adding another 2 tbsp of oil, sauté garlic and ginger for 1-2 minutes.
3.  Transfer cooked garlic, ginger, beef brisket and beef tendon into a large sauce pan. Add 1 ½ litre of water, Shaoxing rice wine, Chu Hou sauce, star anise, cinnamon bark and sugar. Cover sauce pan with a lid and bring to boil.
4.  Then add the daikon radishes and carrots;lower the heat and simmer for 6-10 hours with the lid on; until the beef brisket are soft and tender and beef tendon turns into a jelly-like consistency, soft and almost falling apart.(use a slow cooker instead if you have one)
5.  Stir frequently throughout the whole time to ensure that the ingredients are all well incorporated and the beef doesn’t get stuck at the bottom of the pan. There should be enough liquid to cover all the ingredients both before and after cooking this dish for hours. So do add some more water little ½ a cup at a time, if you find that your sauce starts to dry out during the cooking process.
6.  Season with some salt, pepper and sugar.

Serve warm with jasmine rice or with egg noodle soup.


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