Boeuf Bourguignon


This truly is a heart-warming; comforting dish that originally came from Burgundy (Bourgogne). This dish certainly is one of the very best of French peasant dishes that has been transformed into a magnificent haute cuisine over time. A French house-hold favourite, serve in many bistros in Paris, Lyon and Burgundy and now serve in many Michelin star restaurants. This dish requires the very best of full bodied red wine from Burgundy to give this dish justice. This is a dish where patience really does pays off, no short cuts for dish I’m afraid but trust me it is worth waiting for. The longer the cooking time the better this dish taste! You haven’t tasted beef until you’ve had Boeuf bourguignon! The meat in this dish just falls apart with a gentle touch of a fork, and it melts in your mouth like no other. The flavour of a full bodied red wine form Burgundy penetrates into the meat and the vegetables making it not just a food to enjoy for an evening meal but definitely a dish to remember by. I hope you enjoy this dish too! bon appétit!

Deep casserole dish with a lid

Ingredients Serves 6:

For the Marinade:
1.  900g  beef brisket, cut into large cube ( or shin of beef also works with this dish)
2.  4 thyme sprigs
3.  4 garlic cloves, crushed
4.  2 tbsp Armagnac  (alternatives: cognac, brandy)
5.  1 ½ bottle of full-bodied red wine- preferably from burgundy

For the First Stage Cooking Process:
6.  2 tbsp olive oil
7.  1 tbsp butter
8.  ½ tsp of salt
9.  ½ tsp of ground black pepper
10. 4 tbsp plain flour

For the Second Stage Cooking Process:
11. 1 tbsp. olive oil
12. 150g diced bacon
13. 8 small silver onions peeled kept whole
14. 1 tbsp. butter
15. 200g  chestnut mushrooms, chopped
16. 3 carrots, peeled and cut into chunks
17. 1 stick celery, cut into chunks
18. 3 Bay leaf
For the Third Stage Cooking Process:
19. 1 tbsp tomato puree
20. 600 ml beef stock (if you haven’t got the time to make the stock, I recommend using a shop bought good quality stock as it does makes a big difference with this dish, however if you decide to use a boullion I recommend using 2 small beef boullion pots the concentrated jelly ones rather than the powdered ones mix with 600 ml hot water.)
21. ½ bottle of good quality red wine (I used Roc Des Chevaliers 2010 from Bordeaux)
22. 1 Bouquet garni (made with 2 parsley sprigs, 2 thyme sprigs and 1 bay leaf)
23. Pinch of salt
24. Pinch of ground black pepper.

For the Garnish:
25.  A handful of flat-leaf parsley, roughly chopped


The Marinade:
1.  In a deep dish, marinade beef, wine, 2 sprigs of thyme, garlic and armagnac overnight or for at least 3 hours.

For the First Stage Cooking Process:
2.  Preheat the oven to 200°C.
3.  In a bowl combine the marinated meat with the flour, salt and pepper. Shake off excess flour.    
4.  Place a casserole dish over medium heat; add 2 tbsp of oil and 1 tbsp of butter, brown the meat on all sides. Do this in batches, adding more oil as necessary to avoid the meat from sticking into the pan. Once cook remove meat from heat and set aside.


For the Second Stage Cooking Process:
5.  Add another 1 tbsp of oil on the pan, add diced bacon cook for 2 minutes; then add the onions, 1 tbsp butter, followed by the mushrooms, carrots, celery and bay leaf. Cook for 5 minutes, then add the cooked meat into this.


For the Third Stage Cooking Process:
6.  Add the beef stock, red wine, 1 tbsp of tomato puree and bouquet garni into the cooked meat and vegetables bring it to a boil.

7.  Remove any impurities from the surface, and then simmer for 1 hour.
8.  After one hour,lower oven temperature to 180°C, cover the casserole dish and place in the oven. Leave to cook for 1 hour stirring occasionally. Season to taste and finally sprinkle over some roughly chopped flat leaf parsley.


Serve with either roast potatoes, creamy mash potatoes or a nice baguette.

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