Affogato al caffè (Madagascan Vanilla Gelato & Espresso Coffee)

Affogato, an Italian coffee-based dessert or beverage which means ‘drowned’, gelato drowned in hot espresso, how heavenly! While some variations of this dessert include amaretto or other types of liqueur, I prefer the ‘classic and simple’ Affogato, with just a coffee and gelato.

Although, often serve as a dessert or as a beverage after a meal. I am not conventional and had it on many occasions for ‘breakfast’, just like today! And I recommend Affogato to anyone at any time.

A few ‘high-quality ingredients’ can elevate a simple, humble recipe and this is the case too for my Affogato. For my morning weekend, Affogato I chose my favourite coffee beans of all time, the Yemen Matari Coffee beans,  grown in the Bani Mattar district of Yemen. The beans are rich and complex, yet sweet and aromatic. Medium bodied with the aromas of chocolate and cinnamon. Known as one of the oldest coffees in the world and has been grown and processed in the same way for over 1000 years. It is to no surprise that even today coffee beans from Yemen Matari sell at a high price for its high-quality beans sublime taste. To complement this amazing coffee, I chose and recommend to match it with a Madagascan Vanilla Gelato. I prefer gelato’s denser and silkier texture over ice-cream, but I will never say no to an ice-cream when offered and that will work too if gelato is not available.

Serves: 1

Kitchen Kit:

An espresso machine or espresso maker.


  • Double Espresso Coffee.
  • One or two scoops of Madagascan Vanilla Gelato / Ice Cream
  • Sprinkle cocoa powder


  • Make a double espresso coffee, simply add one or two scoops of gelato/ice cream on top. Sprinkle over some cocoa powder.


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